Precious Doxies
​ Mountain View, AR


Upcoming Litters

Below are some breedings that have taken place...
provided all goes well, the moms should deliver soon!
Please call us, if you would like to be on the waiting list...
No deposits are taken until after the pups are born!!

Precious Doxies
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The following dogs have been bred and provided
all goes well, they will deliver soon.
(Sierra & Smokie)
DOB 11-28-18
Blk/Tan Dapple long hair
Carries chocolate

PRA Clear!

Pic taken at 9 wks.
Adult pic coming soon!
(Blondie & Sir Lance A Lot)
DOB 11-20-10
English Shaded Cream
Carries for ee Cream!

PRA Clear!
Shimmer & Landon were 
bred on 12-26-19

Shimmer Delivered
on 2-29-20

Please see the Nursery!

Libby & Cosmo were
bred on 12-31-19

Libby Delivered
on 3-4-20

Please see the Nursery!

(Blondie & Prince)
DOB 5-8-14
Carries for Choc.

PRA Carrier
(Blue & Kodi)
DOB 1-13-16
Cream, Hidden Dapple
Carries for chocolate & blue

PRA Clear
(Princess & Dynamo)
DOB 1-20-15
Carries for Choc.

PRA Clear!
(Serenity & Landon)
DOB 10-23-14
ee Cream - Hidden Dapple!!

PRA Clear!

Resides with Deonna at
Blue & Kodi were 
bred on 1-11-20

Blue Delivered
on 3-9-20

Please see the Nursery!

(Lexie & Cosmo)
DOB 10-12-18
Shaded Cream,
Poss. carries Choc. and/or Blue

PRA Clear!

(Princess & Dynamo)
DOB 10-29-16
Blue/Cream Dapple long hair
Carries for Choc.

PRA Clear!
Angel & Cobalt were
bred on 1-20-20

Pregnancy Confirmation ?

Due: 3-24-20